Drug Information @ the Bailey Library

Are you taking medication?  Want to find out more about herbal medicine?  Are you taking multiple prescriptions and need to know about drug interactions?  Find out the latest information about prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs, and Herbal Medicine at the Bailey Library.  

Reference books to consult include:
AHFS Drug Information 2006  RS 125 .A56 2006

Physicians’ Desk Reference  RS 75 .P5 2006

The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs: Everything you need to know for safe drug use.  RS 51 .E85 2006

PDR for Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements, and Herbs  RM 671 .A1 P48 2006

Drug Facts and Comparisons RM 300 .F33 2006

PDR Guide to Drug Interactions, Side Effects, and Indications  RS 75 .P3 2006

Drug Interaction Facts  RM 302 .D76 2004

PDR for Herbal Medicines RS 75 .P554 2000

The Handbook of Clinically Tested Herbal Remedies v.1-2 RM 666 .H33 H363 2004

Medicinal Plants of the World RS 164 .V295 2004

Research Databases with Prescription Drug information and Herbal Medicine:

Go to Research Databases:

“Health and Wellness Resource Center” – includes searching for Drug and Herb Finder. The Drug and Herb finder link searches the PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs, PDR Family Guide to Over-the-Counter Drugs, USP DI-Volume II, Advice for the Patient: Drug Information in Lay Language and, for Alternative Health Module subscribers, the PDR Family Guide to Natural Medicines and Healing Therapies for your search term.

“Micromedex” – is a database with reliable clinical reference and support tool for clinicians. Micromedex includes a section on Drug information.  The Drug information tab allows the user to compare drug summaries, access to trade/generic drug lists, drug identification, specific database search, specific topic search, and therapeutic class drug list. 

What’s on the web?
RxList at http://www.rxlist.com/  for drug information provided by WebMD’s licensors. The site provides description, clinical pharmacology, indications and dosages, side effects and drug interactions, warnings and precautions, drug over dosage, and patient information.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Drug Evaluation and Research http://www.fda.gov/cder/index.html provides information on prescription and nonprescription drug information, clinical trials, drug safety, reports and much more.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Are you aware that the Bailey Library has a media preview room?  It has multiple video, dvd, and cd players and provides undistracted viewing in a quiet corner of the Library. 

Our media collection includes recent popular films in all genres including comedy, drama, animation, foreign, sci-fi and suspense, in addition to specialized instructional films and documentaries related to all of the programs offered at WCC. 

So…whether you are a “visual learner” and would like to supplement your studies with a high-quality film, have a required viewing assignment, or just want to pass some time between classes, consider the Bailey Library media collection.   Explore titles by clicking on the ‘FindBooks/Media’ link at the Library homepage. Go to Power Search, and limit your search by Type, such as videocassette and videodisc. You may then check out the film and view it on site.

World Music in Library

Music from around the world is featured in text and on CD in Oxford University Press’ Global Music Series, which is available in the Bailey Library. 

Most sections of the illustrated, informative texts are keyed to CD tracks, and the reader is alerted by the symbol of a disc in the margin.  Both the books and their accompanying CD’s can be checked out for home use.  These countries or regions are featured: East Africa, West Africa, South India, North India, Japan, Bali, Brazil, Ireland, and the U.S. 

You can locate the books through the library’s web page by clicking on Find Books and then typing in Global Music Series in the white search box.

Royal Shakespeare Company in A2

In celebration of the Residency of the Royal Shakespeare Company in Ann Arbor this fall, the Bailey Library has assembled a display of books both by and about William Shakespeare, Elizabethan costumes, and vivid images of the RSC.

See Patrick Stewart as Prospero in the Tempest and as Antony in Antony and Cleopatra. Other images feature actors, Harriet Walter, as Cleopatra, James Hayes, as Caesar in Julius Caesar, and Julian Bleach, as Ariel in the Tempest.

Program guides to the performances, lectures, interviews, roundtable discussions, and special exhibitions for this Festival of Shakespeare’s Classics  (October 24-November 12) presented by the UM Musical Society and the Royal Shakespeare Company 2006 are currently available in the Bailey Library.

Women’s Glass Ceiling

You have probably heard of the “glass ceiling,” a term coined by The Wall Street Journal twenty years ago to describe the apparent yet not stated barriers that prevent women from reaching top management positions. 

However, did you know that the federal government created a Glass Ceiling Commission in 1991 that produced its final report in 1995?  For more recent information try “The Conundrum of the Glass Ceiling”, a special report appearing in the magazine The Economist in July of 2005. 

Many other magazine articles are available on this topic through the library’s research databases; ask a reference librarian for assistance.  Among the library’s books on the subject is The Other Women’s Movement: Workplace Justice and Social Rights in Modern America, c. 2004.