Computer Commons Used for Special Events

Please note that the Computer Commons on the second floor of the Gunder Myran Building will be closed in order to accommodate student orientation as follows:

May 5, 2017:  1-3 pm

June 23, 2017:  1-3 pm

July 14, 2017:  1-3 pm

During these times, the GM 118 library computer lab will be open for public use.

Please contact the Computer Commons at 734-973-3420 or if you have any questions.


What the library is about: the four C’s

Since the 1970’s when the library world developed computer-readable metadata to the 1980’s when Tim Berners-Lee created the web at the CERN, the role of a library has evolved with and beyond network technologies in the last 30 years. As a dynamic institution, it will undoubtedly continue to change in the next decades. Its current role can be summed up by 4 C’s:

  • Conduit.  Computing and network technologies have become essential utilities as basic as wiring and plumbing. Necessary but not sufficient, they are the pipes through which libraries communicate with users and provide them with digital information.
  • Content.  Libraries scour the vast universe of information for a limited subset and organize it for access to meet their users’ needs. All libraries are indeed local.
  • Context.  Decontextualized information can quickly atrophy to noise. Libraries help their users evaluate and contextualize information in a framework–critical, academic or personal–relevant to them. A library’s ultimate business is not information but transformative knowledge and learning behavior.
  • Community.  Libraries provide a site–physical and electronic–in which social and learning communities take place. In the best of worlds, the two are interrelated, for learning is essentially a dialogic process.

For more information on the evolving library, see Library as Place: Rethinking Roles, Rethinking Space.

Michigan State University joins Research Help Now

Michigan State University Library has joined the Michigan Virtual Reference Collaborative that premiered Spring 2005. Originally a collaborative effort between 17 Michigan community college libraries, the success and opportunity offered by Research Help Now has drawn in all types of new library members, such as the Library of Michigan (November 2005) and now MSU Library. This free virtual reference service for Michigan college students and residents provides a wealth of information on using libraries and the Internet for research assignments. Students find help in searching the world wide web, using each of the libraries’ online catalogs and databases and more. This exciting collaboration of community college libraries, the state library, and a 4-year institution throws open the door to an even wider wealth of shared resources and expertise for our students. 

Clicking on Research Help Now will connect you in real time to a professional Michigan Librarian. Students ask questions using live chat, view web pages and online articles together, and learn how to do library research one-on-one with the help of an expert!

What type of help can you get from Research Help Now librarians?
·        How to search the libraries’ online catalogs for relevant books
·        How to look up the full text of magazines, newspapers, books, and other online resources in research databases
·        How to find a useful, authoritative web site
·        How to find and evaluate information
·        How to search the statewide MeLCat book catalog
·        How to find and use specialty search sites.
·        From wherever you are, home or work.  

Research Help Now is designed to be the starting point for all student research needs and is available free of charge. Next time you’re doing research, get the expert, personalized service that librarians provide. Visit Research Help Now at or look for Research Help Now on your library website.
A collaborative of Michigan libraries is working together to provide a convenient, cost-effective service: Grand Rapids Community College, Jackson Community College, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Kellogg Community College, Lansing Community College, Macomb Community College, Monroe County Community College, Mott Community College, Muskegon Community College, Northwestern Michigan College, Oakland Community College, St. Clair Community College , Schoolcraft College, Washtenaw Community College, and Wayne County Community College District; Michigan State University Library, and the Library of Michigan.

Contact: Sandy McCarthy, Washtenaw Community College (; Ann Walaskay, Oakland Community College (