Instant Help Instant Messaging @ Bailey Library

Want to chat with a librarian?   Need a quick answer for your homework? Overwhelmed with all the information available to you?  Then IM a reference librarian with Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, or MSN Messenger!  That’s right, starting November 1, 2006, you can IM a librarian for reference assistance.  The service is free, the help is free, so send us an IM question.   Our user name for all three services is WCClibrarian. 

We are offering IM service on the following dates and times:  Monday thru Wednesday from Noon-4pm; Thursday from Noon-4pm and 6pm-9pm; Friday from 10am-3pm; Saturday from 10:30am-2:30pm; and Sunday from 12:30pm-4:30pm. 

Additional information can be found at Ask a Librarian

There are now five (5) ways to get reference assistance from a librarian:
* One on one assistance in-person during library business hours
* By phone during library business hours 734-973-3431
* By e-mail “Ask a Librarian”
* By Live Chat “Research Help Now”
* By IM with Yahoo, AOL, and MSN Messenger services

Bailey Library rolls out One Search

The Bailey Library has rolled out One Search, a federated searching engine that allows users to search multiple databases simultaneously, including: the library catalog of books, media items and print journals; e-journal databases; and e-book collections; etc.

With the proliferation of web-based information resources based on disparate metadata schemes and indexing structures, students normally need to use different searching interfaces to search different databases individually. One Search enables them to use a single search interface to cross-search various resources at the same time.

In its first iteration, One Search represents an initial step in simplifying users’ access to different information subsets as a seamless whole.

On break? Need to renew books? Here’s how.

If you have library materials that are due during the break, but you don’t want to come to campus, you can renew your books one of two ways:

1. Call during open library hours (8 am to 5 pm Mon – Fri during recess week). The circulation desk number is 734-973-3429.

2. Renew online by using the “My Account” function within the library catalog. Choose what you would like to do: Review My Account, Renew My Materials, or User PIN change. Use your WCC ID number (all nine characters, including the @ symbol and zeroes), and if you have never changed your library PIN, use CHANGEME as the PIN. You can change your PIN after you log in for the first time. (This PIN only applies to your library account). Follow the instructions on the screen.

Reminder: most items can only be renewed once, and some items can’t be renewed. If you have questions or problems, call the circulation desk during open library hours.

Google Print Debuts

Google Print, the hotly debated, much awaited, digital books project, went public today. As many librarians and commentators have noted, this project is not the latest sign of the apocalpyse for traditional libraries, although it is often treated as such. As Google itself notes on the help page, “In general, Google Print aims to help you discover books, not read them from start to finish. It’s like going to a bookstore and browsing – only with a Google twist.” Although you can browse the full text of public domain works, it is not easy to find them — there is no “master list” of full-text works. Searching for a phrase or word and then seeing the context within a single page requires you to login with your gmail account, or register for a gmail account, in order to see results. Why? The help pages are less than forthcoming about exactly what Google is tracking when you log in. You can’t print the page you are looking at (at least I couldn’t on a variety of machines), and you can’t copy and paste text out of the image of the page.
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