52,000 E-Book Collection

As the trial Ebrary collection of 52,000 e-books came to an end on April 30, the library staff have received enthusiastic response to the collection.

To meet the educational needs of students and faculty, the Bailey Library expects to be able to provide access to the collection in August 2011.

5 thoughts on “52,000 E-Book Collection

  1. Our new Ebrary collection consists of 70,000 e-books in all subject areas. Accessible by multiple users at the same time–no checkout required–these titles are suitable for college-level reading and research. Due to copyright restrictions, however, printing is limited to about 60 pages per book. When the collection is available on the Bailey Library’s website and catalog, one may consult the Help section of the Ebrary site to locate more detailed information about the collection.

  2. I am a student at this college.

    What are the foci of this database?

    I will use this mainly for research. I plan to cite a considerable amount of sources from this database.

    Please make the licensing agreement clear. I would appreciate it if the license becomes available to read in its entirety.

    Thank you for your hard work. If there’s any way I can help, contact me.

  3. The Bailey Library’s e-book collection is web-browser-readable and device agnostic. As long as your device can run a web browser, you can read an e-book, so that obviates the need for downloading. As regards whether our new e-book collection includes Of Mice & Men, you will be able to search for it when the collection is available, probably in August 2011. Please note that primary works of literature are not a focus of the new e-book collection.

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