New Student ID Card-Print Card

As of Winter Semester 2010, you may use your new student ID card as a print/photocopying card at the Bailey Library and the Computer Commons.

You can obtain your new student ID card for free at the Security Office on the 2nd floor of Student Center Building. To use it for printing, use the last 6 digits of your ID number printed on the card to name and retrieve your print job.

Alternatively, you can purchase an Equitrac print card at the Library or the Computer Commons for a dollar, and use the 6-digit card number to name and retrieve your print job.

The print charges remain at 5 cents per b/w page and 40 cents per color page in the Computer Commons, and free in the Bailey Library.

To add monetary value to either the new student ID card or the Equitrac print card, use the card vending machine in the above two locations. Monetary value, however, cannot be transferred from one card to the other.