Finals Relief Station at Bailey Library

Library users can get free coffee, tea, snacks and study aids (pencils, pens and the ever popular earplugs) at the Circulation Counter at Bailey Library through the end of the semester. Yes, you can eat and drink in the library, as long as you aren’t messy and keep the lid on — your drinks at least, if not your finals anxiety.

Thanks to Student Activities, which provided funding for the food and drink.

Reminder for students: All materials are due by the end of the semester

All materials, including calculators, are due on or before May 1st, the last day of classes for the Winter Semester. If items are not returned by May 1st and all overdue fines and charges paid, then a hold will be placed on the student’s Registration and Records account, and the student will be blocked from getting grades, transcripts, registering and other college functions.

You can view your library account online to see if you have outstanding charges or bills (if you’ve never used My Library Account, your initial PIN is “CHANGEME”. You can change it later in My Library Account. This PIN is only functional for your online library account).

Questions about your account or problems? Call 734-973-3429 and ask for assistance.

Web Tools: Generators

No, not the diesel/gasoline in-case-of-another-multistate-blackout kind. The kind that lets you get graph paper without leaving your computer.

Grid paper generator in pdf formats, including graph papers, music paper, and various other kinds of paper from incompetech.

Music Staff paper at Music Theory.

Printable paper rulers, since those cheap wood rulers we lend out at the library seem not to come back at a distressing rate.

Random Background Texture generator, if you can’t Photoshop.

Looking for something specific? Try a google search — the above resources were found with terms “graph paper generator,” “staff paper generator,” etc.

Webby Awards

The nominees for the 2006 Webby Awards have been announced, and there are always a few education, cultural, or information sites worth a look. Take a 20 minute break from studying or grading or test-making and check out BioEd Online: Biology Teacher Resources from Baylor College of Medicine, Stagework from The Royal National Theatre, Nasa’s Earth Observatory, The Smithsonian’s Global Sound (99 cent downloads of global music, and they don’t mean Sergio Mendes — check out the genre search in Cultural Indexes), and my personal favorite, Maori Show Bands.

Bookmaking (the non-literary kind)

While the previous post’s Tournament of Books mentions encouraging betting among English departments, some literary awards do end up at real bookmakers. On Oddschecker, you can see that the favorite for Britain’s Orange Prize for Fiction, awarded to books written in English by a woman, is Ali Smith’s The Accidental, with the closest contender Zadie Smith’s On Beauty. The Accidental just won the Whitbread Novel award for 2005.

The shortlist for the Orange will be announced on April 26th, and the winner announced on June 6th.