Professional Development Titles for Faculty and Staff

Some of you obviously miss the “Professional Development” collection that the Library used to have for the use of faculty and staff. You can now visit it virtually — we’ve created a custom resource list of selected materials from the Library Catalog (thanks to faculty member Dave Waskins for planting the thought). The list includes Library titles that fall under certain subject headings such as Community Colleges, College Teaching, Educational Tests and Measurements, and Effective Teaching. Select the Library Catalog from the Bailey Library home page and look up at the top right of the main Catalog search page in the Library Info box.

screen shot copy.jpg

This list will be updated on a periodic basis to incorporate new materials. There may be other appropriate titles in the Library that don’t fall under these subject headings; use the regular Library Catalog search function to expand your search or contact the Reference Librarians (734-973-3431, email Ask-a-Librarian, or use Research Help Now for live online help).

See something you want? Faculty and staff can request materials delivered to their main campus offices or held for pickup at the circulation desk by using the Materials Request service.

Food and Drink Allowed in Library!

The Bailey Library is providing a “Finals Relief Station” at intervals throughout the last week of the semester. Coffee, tea, juice, and snacks are wheeled out for the benefit of tired and hungry students studying in the library.


Finals Relief Station 2005 coffeepot.jpg

The Finals Survival Gift pack contains a pen, a pencil, an extra eraser (handy for math classes), a pair of earplugs (we are well aware of the acoustical challenges of the library), and a disinfectant hand wipe to keep students healthy through exam period.

The Library will continue to offer sustenance and gift packs until supplies run out (as of Monday, we are already down to our last Oreo cookies, and the granola bars ran out long ago). However, the tea and the coffee from our new 60 cup industrial percolator urn should easily last through finals. Remember to keep the lid on (your drinks, at least) and clean up your crumbs.

Stats Snapshot for Fall 2005

Fall 2005 through the end of November

Number of Books Borrowed from the General Collection: 6,169
Number of Browsing Books Borrowed: 385

Audiovisual Materials Borrowed: 778

Reserve Materials Borrowed: 4,603

ERes Digital Reserve files or documents used: 1,217

Materials Used in the Library: 1,776

Grand total Materials Borrowed or Used (including interlibrary loan and miscellaneous categories): 15,147

Research Database Activity: 91,021 Uses

WCC/WTMC Students Borrowing Materials: 6,190
Faculty (Full and Part Time) Borrowing Materials: 653
Staff Borrowing Materials: 518

Reference Queries: 3000
Research Instruction Sessions: 78

Bailey Library Gate Count: 74,810
Computer Commons Gate Count: 63,448
Total Visits, Sept-Nov: 138,258